Go Green – Our student’s perspective on Veganism

Here’s an article about veganism and her experiences with it from one of our scholars. #VeganMonth is coming to an end and we’re very proud to have students like Kreeti voicing their concerns.

I started my own journey of being vegetarian about seven years ago. I am not a vegan but I am a lacto-vegetarian. I have my own reasons for choosing this pathway and I am not against anyone who choose different pathway than mine.

 I became a vegetarian due to my sensitivity towards animals and their rights. We as humans have voice to speak our mind and state what we feel right or wrong but animals are voiceless which means we have to speak on behalf of them. Animals are treated brutally every day and I am totally against animal harm.

I was lucky enough to be supported by my family as everyone in my family are non-vegetarian. Whenever someone cooks meat in my family, either on weekend or on any festivals, they always cook vegetables of my preference and respect my choice. I hope one day I would be able to convince my family to become vegetarian as well.

Even though I am against killing animals brutally, I am not totally against eating meat as meat is a very important source of protein and iron. Not everyone can stop eating meat and that’s totally fine. The meat industry is considered as one of the huge contributors to problems such as pollution, food shortage and emptying of the oceans.

According to one of the research article that I read, some people might feel weak and tired if they cut off meat totally. But people who can avoid eating meat or start by reducing portion of meat in their daily diet, especially red meat and large fish, it can help at least some animals to live longer.

Just because they cannot raise a voice doesn’t mean they deserve to die. We all are born with a purpose and I think if we deserve to live, animals deserve to too. For all my fellow non vegetarians, I don’t hold grudge or hate towards anyone, I just want earth to be a better place to live and it starts within us.

Let’s make our earth a place where humans and animals can love each other  


From Kreeti’s article, we want to point out that you can take whatever steps in your life that you think are important. Not everyone will be doing the same thing you’re doing and not all of them want to put in the effort to be different like that. 

So we want our readers to know and remember that it’s always okay to go with your heart, and putting in effort into being different should always be something you feel proud about! 

Vegan month might be coming to an end, but if you’re looking to live a vegan life, don’t let anything hold you back! After all, by going vegan, you would not only save 30 animal lives, but also 620 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions913 square feet of forest, and 33,481 gallons of water.

Are you looking to explore vegan options or try out the vegan lifestyle? Check out this article from HappyCow and see if any of these vegan restaurants are near you right here in Kathmandu! Best Vegan Restaurants in Kathmandu

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